Games Like Doodle God

Doodle God is an exciting game which gives the player the power to create elements. The puzzles in the game make the game unique. It is an extraordinary game with lots and lots of features for players.

The objective of the game is that the player needs to find new elements using combinations of existing elements and newly found elements. This game features 4 episodes and the number of elements in each episode varies. It is interesting to know the elements and check out combinations. The unique aspect is that combinations that do not work at one stage work out when they belong to two different categories and it is up to the player to make best use of the opportunity that comes in the play screen.

Players need to think and make use of their intelligence and their perception about the world to discover new elements based on the categories. It sound swell categorized as each episode focuses on one particular aspect. Puzzle and solving puzzles is all that the game has. There are quite a number of games like Doodle God. But, each game varies in style. Following are some interesting games.

Hired Heroes


Hired Heroes is an interest strategy game played by lots of people online. In this turn based game, the player hires heroes and controls the heroes so that they face monsters. The player has the option to hire heroes with the points he has before any battle. The player can fill up his available slots with hired heroes. The player can makes the heroes powerful by equipping them with relics. The goal of the player is to kill all the enemies he finds on the map.

This game features different types of heroes and has variety of slots. The player can hire any number of heroes according to the points he scores and keep his side powerful. As the game progresses, the player can try with different types of heroes and place them in any slot they wish.

This game is adventurous and players enjoy the thrill. It is great to be associated with a game like hired heroes and have great fun. Check out the respective websites and keep yourselves get started with gaming in your style. It is good to check out games and have the amusement of adventure games.


Go Kart Manager

play go kart manager

Go Kart Manager is an interesting racing management game where the player has to guide his team over the Go Karting Series in different seasons. The player can take driver from different parts of the world and use different strategies in race. The player can purchase any number of new race cars for the game. The player has to keep all cars upgraded and also handle the complete team of drivers. This game gives a real time experience for players.

People who are very fond of racing and fun can choose this game. It is much exciting and fun filled offering best options to players.

Play Doodle God and games like Doodle God and experience unlimited gaming thrill. It is good to have gaming websites extending all means of support for players. It is interesting from all stands to be part of these games. If you check online, you can know more and more games under this category. You can also understand gaming better as you check out the best websites.



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