Doodle God Walkthrough

Doodle God Walkthrough shows a complete list of walkthrough at all episodes. This game has won hearts of many gaming lovers and looking into the walkthrough provides great assistance to all players. In some websites, the walkthrough is available as episodes, while prefer choosing the combinations in different categories. In each episode the elements and combinations vary. Being a single player game, the player has complete task of solving all puzzles to win the game overcoming each stage by forming best combinations.

Creating the world is in the hands of the player and he can try out different elements to form new elements. Episode 1 is the beginning and includes 115 elements and 14 categories. The unlocked elements are air, water, fire and earth. The player has to make use of his intelligence and try combining elements. When air and earth combines, dust is produced. So, dust is a new element formed from the existing elements. When fire combines with dust, a new element called ash is formed. When air and fire combine, energy is formed. When energy and air mix, storm is created. So, elements can be formed like this and websites list out complete elements and combinations. Players can go through it and get more ideas on the game. Also, hints at each episode provide players assistance in finding the elements. A part of complete walkthrough at episode 1 is as follows

  • Lava – earth, fire
  • Dust – air, earth
  • Energy – air, fire
  • Stone – air, lava
  • Sand – water, stone
  • Metal – stone, fire
  • Steam- water, air
  • Alcohol – fire, water
  • Bird – egg, air
  • Grass – earth, moss
  • Seeds – life, sand
  • Human – golem, life
  • Tree – seed, earth
  • Weapons – metal, tools
  • Hut – stone, human

The second episode is technology oriented and has 140 elements that the player needs to fins within 15 categories.

  • Light bulb – void, glass
  • TV – light bulb, radio wave
  • Computer – tv, book
  • Cell Phone – radio wave, computer
  • Apple – tree, flower
  • Coffee – energy, seeds
  • CD – laser, book
  • Internet – computer, computer

doodle god

The third episode features modern age and includes 196 elements that fall under 21 groups.

  • Clock – sand, glass
  • Ice – glass, water
  • Money – gold, paper
  • Octopus – fish, knowledge
  • Virus – human, bacteria
  • Ant- beetle, work
  • Policeman – law, soldier
  • Sugar – reed, field
  • Music – reed, human
  • Antibiotics – medicine, bacteria
  • Sea – water, water
  • Salt – sun, sea

The fourth episode is called World of magic as it features an unlocked element called magic and 248 elements come under 26 categories in this episode.

  • Spell – magic, knowledge
  • Priest – magic, religion
  • Shadow – light, darkness
  • Angel – light, life
  • Death – darkness, energy
  • Silver – metal, astral
  • Castle – house, armor
  • Claws – beast, weapon

You can get the complete walk through of episodes in websites. It is interesting to go through these combinations. If you understand the game, you will find this highly exciting. It is always good to get website guidance so as to make gaming inspiring as well as helpful in your free time. With plenty of options and availability, one can really choose Doodle God and play in great style. Gaming takes players to excited levels and they feel the fun and amusement.

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